Beleive in who you are and what you have to offer

Janette Brown

Hi there, I’m Janette


I am a Kinesiologist, speaker, trainer, and mentor.

Your body already knows what you need to heal.

Kinesiology uses the art of muscle testing to identify the body’s emotional, mental, physical or other energy stresses, to establish the best way forward.

It stems from the ancient knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and chiropractic methods, utilising these healing techniques developed from both of these wonderful modalities, we use a range of touch reflexes and mind-body techniques for balancing the bodies energy.

Feeling balanced allows you to take responsibility for the way you live in your present, relate to your past and look to your future.


~ Trust in your bodies innate ability to heal you ~



Having my first session with Janette was like sitting with a bestie I have known for years. She is warm, open, supportive and intuitive + her laugh is incredibly infectious. The recommendations and advice she gave me at the end of the session were very supportive and helped me push through a few blockages that were holding me back from my true self.

Melissa Ambrosini Author, Speaker, creator of