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Janette Brown


So happy you’re here! I’m Janette, the Kinesiologist & Founder of Inspire Freedom. I had a dream to help people live inspired… by their freedom and it came true!

People who come and see me for kinesiology balances in clinic, are most commonly experiencing stress in an area of their life. This may be in work, finance, career, anyone they’ve ever loved, emotional, mental, physical or many others.

One of the greatest tools in kinesiology is the muscle testing, which very quickly lets me identify the area of the body that the stress is effecting. Stress tends to hold & repeat, so it’s important to find out what effect it’s having ASAP, and then resolve it.

In the process to resolve the stress, we use kinesiology techniques to neutralise what shows. They’re gentle non-invasive techniques which sometimes include tapping, emotional release, massage of meridian points, acupressure holding points, oils or essences.


~ Living inspired by freedom ~



Having my first session with Janette was like sitting with a bestie I have known for years. She is warm, open, supportive and intuitive + her laugh is incredibly infectious. The recommendations and advice she gave me at the end of the session were very supportive and helped me push through a few blockages that were holding me back from my true self.

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