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Working with Janette via Skype

For me, kinesiology is about releasing stress.

When we release stress, this allows us to create new pathways that are based on desired outcomes rather than what we feel we lack.

Some of us have a tendency to turn a blind eye to stress, in fear of having to deal with the stress becoming overwhelming and unable to process.

When its put like that, it seems way too stressful to think about making the change?

It’s ok, releasing the stress, creates freedom to think clearly without ‘charged’ emotions.

Holding onto stress only creates more stress and the cycle of this always repeats.

What can you expect from a session?

You will feel lighter, clear and more aligned to your goals. You will gain great awareness and clarity. Your consciousness will be heightened and you will be better equipped to make decisions with a vast understanding of how everything in your life is connected and has led you to this very moment, right now.

You’re here for a reason.

My deepest love for these sessions is to educate and shift stagnate energy that has been stored as a memory in the brain/body, which most of the time… is ready to Release.

You will leave optimistic, feeling free & happy.


Do you need to do anything?

We work together.

I will facilitate you through the entire process and we will chat, discuss, expand and nut out the reasons why you’re feeling the way you do. I will then apply clearing techniques suited to you to help you release the stresses you are holding onto. Some of these clearing techniques include emotional stress release, essences, cards, tapping, sabotage clearings, breath work, crystals, energetic healing including auric and chakra blocks… and lots, lots more.


Here are testimonials from some clients

The shifts and positive changes experienced by my clients face-to-face and via Skype constantly show the same. Read it for yourself below.


“Having experienced both in-person and Skype sessions I can ‘hand on my heart’ vouch for both types being just as effective as each other. And the bonus with Skype – you can do it from the comfort of your own home!
Add into the mix Janette’s unique ability to heal via distance and you’ve got an even more powerful session ahead of you. Her intuition, her ability to clear, shift and heal, it doesn’t matter if she’s in front of you or coming at you via your screen.
Skype sessions with this wonderful woman are seriously powerful. Give it go. You won’t regret it.” – Clare Woodward
“I am about to start a new job and needed a balance with Janette to ensure I cleared anything that would inhibit me.
As the new COVID 19 restrictions have been put in place I couldn’t see Janette physically so I had a Skype session with her instead. Wow!! It was as good as physically being there. At the end of the session, I had cleared everything that I needed to and feel so much better.
I strongly recommend anyone who needs a session and who normally see her in-person, to book a Skype session with Janette”.  – Gemma Eyes


Ready to book?

Whether you’re a new client or a former client who is yet to try kinesiology via Skype, I welcome you to this outstanding way of connecting and healing. In this forever changing world where we rely more and more on technology, the huge bonus is you can also be anywhere in the world and still receive the support you need from me, regardless of where you are or where I am.



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