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Hi, I’m Janette – A Sydney Kinesiologist.


My clinic is located in Crows Nest, Sydney Australia and I am deeply passionate about helping people release their stress.

In every Kinesiology balance I do, I am always eager to understand how your stress has been impacting you. For example maybe in the form of anxiety, depression, brain fog, loss of relationships, digestive issues, etc. When I get the full picture I use muscle testing to work out the best way to help shift and clear the impact, so you can focus on what you haven’t had time to think about like, goals, love, experiencing empowering relationships, clear communication, and a few other things like thriving and… achieving your true potential!

I know you can do it. I’ve seen people go from burn-out to thriving in a shorter period of time than you would ever be expecting. Kinesiology is such a unique and powerful, non-invasive complementary modality, that has helped many people relieve their stress.

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Kinesiology can help you release stressful emotions from past events and limiting beliefs that are blocking you from being in full alignment with your goals.


Work with me in my Sydney Kinesiology clinic or online via Skype sessions.




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