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Online Kinesiology Consultations


If you’ve been wondering if Kinesiology sessions can work via online video calling, the answer is a resounding YES! Virtual Kinesiology sessions work in a similar way to being in the presence of the Kinesiologist and offer the same opportunities for powerful improvements in your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Online Kinesiology sessions are based on the same principles as face to face consultations and include understanding your goals for the session, muscle testing, and gentle, non-invasive clearance and release techniques.

I will work with you to shift stagnant energy that has been stored as a memory in the body and its systems all from the comfort of your home or office! You will leave the session feeling lighter, clearer and more aligned with your goals.

Online Kinesiology Consultations start from $190 for a personalised 1-hour session

To organise a booking or If you have any questions about online Kinesiology sessions please don’t hesitate to contact me


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How Do Online Kinesiology Sessions Work?

  1. We connect via your preferred video conferencing service (Zoom, Facetime, Skype)
  2. We discuss the goal for the session & talk through any stress or tension you would like to work on releasing in the session. I will facilitate you through that entire process and we will chat, discuss, expand and nut out the reasons why you’re feeling the way you do.
  3. With your permission, I will use surrogate muscle testing to find any stressors, blockages and imbalances as well as the ages or events that are linked to them. This allows us to bring greater awareness to the current stress & makes clearing it more powerful! 
  4. I will implement the Kinesiology clearing techniques that test as the quickest & best to release the stresses we have found in the session.
  5. We will then talk through what changes you’re feeling from the session & discuss the best pathway forward to achieve the desired results.

What Can You Expect From An Online Kinesiology Session?

Online Kinesiology sessions are just as effective as face to face sessions and can have the same profound impact on a recipients health and wellbeing. You will feel lighter, clearer and more aligned with your goals. You will gain greater awareness and clarity. Your consciousness will be heightened and you will be better equipped to make decisions with a vast understanding of how everything in your life is connected and has led you to this very moment.

Online sessions will provide more clarity and understanding of the reasons why you’re experiencing or being impacted by certain events or stressors in your life. You can expect to find the missing pieces as to why your current stress is having a strong impact on you. Filling these gaps with awareness and receiving key healing these sessions will instead look to promote success in these areas of your life.

My clients often share that after experiencing an online session they feel the same changes in their general health and vitality, mental and emotional state as they do in the clinic. Not only do they gain clarity and alignment but they feel more optimistic, attuned to their goals and re-energised to take action. Clients experiencing physical pain have seen huge improvements after just one session, with acute headaches, neck and back pain disappearing.

If you are unable to attend your usual Kinesiology sessions or if you are just discovering Kinesiology for the first time, online Kinesiology sessions can provide powerful, life-changing results.


Connect With Janette on Zoom, Facetime or Skype

Whether you’re a new client or a former client who is yet to try kinesiology via video chat, I welcome you to this outstanding way of connecting and healing. Regardless of where you are or what state of lockdown we are living through, you can still receive the support you need from me to enable you to live the happy, healthy and successful life you deserve.

To organise a booking or to speak directly with Janette about all things Kinesiology please get in touch

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