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Initial Kinesiology Session

Begin the journey to releasing your stress, pain, anxiety and self-limiting beliefs.


The Alignment Bundle

Bundle includes 3 Kinesiology sessions to focus on clearing and aligning your mind, body and energy.


Certified Kinesiologist

I’m here to tell you it’s okay, and that things can change.

Many of my clients feel tired and confused throughout their days, suffer from anxiety and/or depression and have a history of mental/emotional/physical exhaustion.

Many often feel controlled by the repetitive self-talk, which banters and criticises – making them feel small… and insignificant.

Do you know that feeling? Exhausted, foggy, lacking clear direction and even to the point of feeling completely run down.

Maybe you have been down this road before and you are well aware of the impact it can have.

I am here to tell you, that together we can change these repetitive cycles, heal the past traumas, change the detrimental thought patterns, clear heavy emotions and transform the way you interact with yourself.

With awareness comes, a shift of energy and a new perspective, allowing you to create a new and positive result. One that you haven’t imagined yet! As a certified kinesiologist, I'm here to help you.

You’ve come to the right place.

Janette from Inspire Freedom

Everything you have experienced in your life, whether positive or reactive, gets stored as a memory within your body.

Just like the most intelligent of computer drives!

Each moment in your life, and the feeling you have attached to that particular experience, is saved in different parts of your body, from the crown of your head to the very tips of your toes.

Kinesiology uses the art of muscle monitoring to help you find insight into your ‘internal’ patterns and programs, which are stowed away as a memory. This allows you to understand the emotions, which influence these behaviours and habits, so you can learn more about what’s keeping you stuck and stagnant.

As a Certified Kinesiologist, I help you pinpoint what changes your body, mind and spirit are truly craving. I support you to understand your body’s wisdom by bringing awareness to core repetitive emotional patterns that stop you from being your true self (because repetitive patterns can stick like glue!).

Once we find the past event, trauma and you can gain conscious awareness of how it’s impacting you right now and causing the stress, then we’ll muscle test and find the specific kinesiology technique that supports the natural healing ability of the body. We have many techniques to choose from, just to name a few: could be visualisation, essences, change of attitude, acupuncture holding points, emotional release points, meridians, tapping and much more. These techniques can help clear, release and heal the way the past event has been stored in the mind and body.

You will leave feeling different, may be lighter, calmer, happier, clearer, more inspired! As a certified Kinesiologist, I see clients face-to-face in Crows Nest, Sydney & clients via Skype.



Got any questions about the process?

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I went to see Janette for kinesiology as this has always been so helpful for me in the past and I needed a holistic approach to my health. I have had a recurring issue that was still affecting me at times, including difficulty with sleep and digestion. The sessions I have had with Janette have cleared a long term pattern and I am now sleeping the best I have for a very long time. I have also had more energy, better digestion and noticed a calmer more present approach with my family.

She is a very skilled practitioner and I would recommend her highly – Thanks Janette!


I have been seeing Janette for nearly 18 months now. I have sent many friends to her also as I was blown away from my very first session.

Her positive energy is infectious and she gets to the bottom of every issue quickly and easily. Life changing!


Janette is an absolutely amazing human being! The work she does is just incredible. I have had sessions with Janette to help with several issues such as relieving anxiety, dealing with and clearing any life stresses relating to work, family, self esteem issues, food intolerances etc. Kinesiology is the best form of self healing. To be able to muscle test to find out exactly what your body needs, to get to the root of the problem and to clear it all in one session is an amazing thing! I always leave a session feeling a million bucks!!! If you’re holding on to any pain (past or present), feeling anxious, stressed, exhausted, depleted, unhappy etc. do yourself a favour and book a session with the beautiful Janette Harris.

You will be so pleased you did so and after a few sessions you will wonder how you ever lived without the magic of kinesiology.