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Are you looking for a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing? Kinesiology emphasises finding the core issues, guiding us toward the best way to heal, release, and resolve their impacts.

I see many people who are desperate for answers. They may feel tired, rundown and lack the energy they once had. Often they are in a state of survival, trapped experiencing the impacts of anxiety, trauma, depression, pain and burnout. Many feel controlled by thoughts, feelings and physical pain making it hard to find a way forward.

I’m here to help you make a change.

Kinesiology is a stress management tool that uses the art of muscle monitoring to ‘communicate’ with your body and find the source of your behaviours, repetitive patterns and stress that could otherwise go undiscovered.

As a Certified, highly trained and experienced Kinesiologist, I can help you pinpoint what changes your body, mind and spirit are truly needing. I will support you to understand your body’s wisdom by bringing awareness to core repetitive emotional patterns that keep you in the same destructive patterns.


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Kinesiology Services and Pricing

Begin the journey to releasing your stress, pain, anxiety and self-limiting beliefs through the power of Kinesiology.

Each and every Kinesiology session you have with me will be personalised and tailored to your specific needs. Kinesiology is my passion and I am dedicated to helping my clients to be more resilient and live healthier, happier lives.

All my Kinesiology sessions are available in person at my clinic in Crows Nest, Sydney or online via Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype.

Initial Kinesiology Session


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The initial 1.5- hour session will begin by going through a detailed history form which includes your medical history and any physical, mental and emotional challenges. We discuss in great detail your family history, traumatic experiences or life-changing events, why you’ve specifically booked the appointment, and what you want to achieve. This allows a treatment plan to form through understanding the desired outcomes.

Once I have a thorough understanding of your history, challenges and goals we will proceed with gentle muscle testing to identify the best focus for the rest of the session and perform the most appropriate kinesiology techniques to clear.


Follow up Kinesiology Session


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A 1-hour session where we discuss the changes from the previous session and monitor adjustments in your mood, energy levels and thought patterns.

This will be followed by gentle muscle testing to identify where stresses are held in the body and find the specific kinesiology clearing technique that supports the natural healing ability of the body.

Extended Kinesiology Sessions


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A 2-hour session that allows us extra time to talk and expand into the root cause of your specific problem areas as well as extended time for more in-depth and extended kinesiology clearing techniques.

Extended sessions are great for dealing with more complex issues surrounding emotional trauma.

Family Kinesiology Sessions


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3-hour family sessions allow us to restore equilibrium for the entire household. Family sessions promote togetherness and ensure everyone is on the same page which can be hugely beneficial for individual progress and the health and well being of the family as a whole.

I use muscle testing to determine which family member to begin with. I then speak with each family member individually (children must always be accompanied by an adult), muscle testing and balancing them accordingly.

Kids Kinesiology Sessions


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Kinesiology is a great way to support your child’s health and development. It helps identify the underlying causes of stress and imbalance in their body and supports them to overcome, grow and flourish.

Learn more about Kinesiology for Kids

Online Kinesiology Sessions


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Online Kinesiology sessions work in a similar way to being in the presence of the Kinesiologist and offer the same opportunities for powerful improvements in your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

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How Do Kinesiology Sessions Work?

  1. We discuss the goal for the session & talk through any stress or tension you would like to work on releasing. I will facilitate you through the entire process and we will chat, discuss, expand and nut out the reasons why you’re feeling the way you do.
  2. With your permission, I will use muscle testing to find any stressors, blockages and imbalances. This allows us to bring greater awareness to the current stress & makes clearing it more powerful!
  3. I will implement the Kinesiology clearing techniques that test as the quickest & best to release the stresses we have found in the session. I am trained and experienced in a number of clearing techniques including visualisation, essences, acupuncture holding points, emotional release points, meridians, tapping, auric alignment, brain formatting, energy healing, and hypnotherapy.
  4. We will then talk through what changes you’re feeling from the session & discuss the best pathway forward to achieve the desired results.

For a detailed breakdown of what to expect in your first Kinesiology session click here


What is Kinesiology Good For?

Kinesiology is the perfect tool for Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual alignment

Fear and worry
Repetitive patterns


Energetic blocks
Chronic Pain
Thyroid imbalances
Chronic fatigue
Food intolerances
Skin issues
Support through IVF
Pre & Postnatal support
Weight loss


Life purpose
Life contribution
People pleasing
Relationships blocks
Limiting beliefs


Kinesiologist FAQ

The goal of kinesiology is to release stress. The reason why Kinesiology is so successful in releasing stress is the combination of muscle testing and Kinesiology techniques. Together this powerful pair combines to show where and how to return the whole self to its natural equilibrium.   Kinesiology clears stress by:
  • Releasing sabotages
  • Clearing emotional wounds
  • Removing the issues that are blocking a person from thriving
  • Clearing old experiences that have dissolved self-esteem
  • Clearing old family patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving you
  • Releasing any blocks to healing
  • Opening you up to receive the abundance that life is offering.
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Muscle testing is a simple, non-invasive assessment tool, used by Kinesiologists and other health practitioners. Kinesiologists use muscle testing to find imbalances in the physical, mental, and energy systems in the body. Muscle testing effectively allows a Kinesiologist to ask the body where any stressors, blockages, and imbalances are, and gather accurate biofeedback on the body’s physiological and psychological state.   Learn More
I am trained and experienced in a number of clearing techniques including
  • Applied Kinesiology
  • Neuroenergetic Kinesiology
  • Kinergetics
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • ICPKP (International Certificate in Professional Kinesiology Practice)
  • NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques)
  • Additions Balance
  • Gut & Microbiome Balance
  • Jaw Reset Balance
  • Balancing the Organs
  • Liver Detox Pathways Balancing Procedure
  • Nutritional Sensitivities Balance
  • Resonate Essences
  • Auric Alignment
  • Soul State Balance
  • Archetypes
  • Meditation
  • Breathe work
  • Acupuncture and Acupressure
  • Meridian Balancing
  • Emotional Release Points
  • Brain Formatting
  • Energy Healing
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Reactive Muscle Clearing
  • Reactive Emotions Clearing
  • Inner Conflict Balancing
  • Trauma Balancing
  • Brain Hologram
  • Nutrition Hologram
  • Pathogen Hologram
  • Primitive Reflexes
  • Neuro Emotional Pathway Balance
  • Nutrition & Dietary Pathway Balance
  • Major and Minor Chakra Balance
  • Mucous Membrane Formatting
As a parent, it can be heartbreaking when your kids show changes in their confidence & self-esteem. Often it can be considerably lessened or wobbled by words, actions, comparison, bullying and more. You may notice them seeking more approval, encountering low moods, sadness and It is common to feel the positive effects of a Kinesiology balance by the end of the initial session. My clients often report positive changes in the first follow-up session where they felt a clear change in the area we had worked on and the goals of the previous session.
How many Kinesiology sessions you need will depend on the issues you are experiencing and how quickly you integrate the changes from kinesiology balancing. Typically a person will need 2, sometimes 3 sessions, including the initial session to bring their body & its systems back into balance. Often, after the initial few balances, you will develop a better understanding of yourself and when you might need a follow-up session in the future.
Over my career, I have consistently expanded my knowledge through training and education. On top of my Diploma of Kinesiology, I have qualifications in over 15 modalities and advanced Kinesiology techniques.   I hold memberships with the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists, the Australian Kinesiology Association Inc and the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.   Learn More
Kinesiology is complimentary, we do not claim to treat, diagnose or cure. Kinesiology is designed to complement other traditional forms of medicine. What Kinesiology can do is help people manage and release stress, reduce or relieve pain, improve performance and promote health and wellbeing.   Learn More
There is no need for any specific clothing for a Kinesiology session, simply wear something you feel comfortable in. At times I may perform muscle testing on the leg muscles but not always. For sessions in the clinic, I will usually ask the client to remove their shoes.
Just your lovely self. Before you arrive please complete the new client intake form and send it back to me so we can go through this together in the initial session.


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About Janette

Janette Harris is a certified Kinesiologist, mentor and the founder of the Sydney based Kinesiology clinic, Inspire Freedom. With over 10 years of experience and extensive qualifications across a range of Kinesiology modalities, Janette is passionate about helping her clients overcome their emotional, mental, physical, nutritional and energetic challenges.