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I felt drawn to work with Janette… and I’m so glad I have!

I had never tried kinesiology before – but her calm, easy and fun approach made me feel comfortable right from the start. She has helped me to heal from stressful situations, trauma and old patterns from the past that I didn’t even know I was holding on to!

Janette has helped me to achieve my business, career and life goals and I can trust her completely.

Working with Janette has been key to my happiness, peace and  energy – my life has improved in so many ways from our sessions.

Kinesiology is now a MUST DO for my health and wellbeing. I cannot recommend Janette highly enough… you’ll love working with her!

Michelle Robb  ::  Life + Career Coach

I literally feel like Janette worked a mini miracle on me! Before seeing Janette, I did not feel worthy enough being in a successful relationship. Janette helped me break through some massive limiting beliefs and barriers to loving myself.

Seeing Janette made me realise how important it is to value myself and be true to what I want in life. Since clearing those relationship barriers… I have now attracted the love of my life!

It’s the relationship I always wanted and the relationship I always dreamed of!

Laura Collins  ::  Co-Founder of Mother Natural

Having experienced both in person and Skype sessions I can ‘hand on my heart’ vouch for both types being as effective as each other.

Add into the mix Janette’s unique ability to heal via distance and you’ve got an even more powerful session ahead of you. Her intuition, her ability to clear, shift and heal is inspiring.

Skype sessions with this wonderful woman are seriously powerful!

Clare Woodward  ::  Woodward Institute

Immediately I felt like I was in the right hands with Janette, she assisted me with removing ties to a trauma I had experienced, and we are now working on saying goodbye to old patterns, and blocked energy that is holding me back.

I always feel a sense of growth and change for the better afterwards.

Lorraine Wright  ::  Trauma Counsellor

I am so lucky to be able to call Janette my friend, mentor and teacher. She is so compassionate, generous, knowledgeable, and a complete joy to be around. Her ability to connect with people so easily is just one of her beautiful qualities, which make her the incredible Kinesiologist and healer she is. In her presence you feel supported, understood and able to move forwards in new ways, without feeling the overwhelm you can so often feel during the healing process.

Working with Janette is a beautiful experience, you will feel and see changes in your mind, body, spirit and life – sooner than you can imagine.

Cassie Mendoza -Jones  ::  Bestselling author, kinesiologist, business alignment coach, naturopath, writer & speaker

After seeing Janette, I lost 10 kilos!

I was a sugar addict and I would wake up everyday and think about where I was going to get my daily fix. After my first session with Janette I woke up the following day and didn’t realise until I was preparing dinner for the family that night that I hadn’t thought about cola or sugar for the entire day. Two months down the track and I’m still cola and sugar free. Amazingly I had no sugar withdrawals! Cola and sugar do not exist to me anymore and I don’t miss it one little bit. 

Janette has opened up a new world to me with our Skype balances and i’m am so excited to see where it leads me.

Janette, you are bringing positive changes into my life with each and every balance I have with you.

Mandy Berryman  ::  Mother

My sessions with Janette were instrumental in pulling me out of the rut I was in.

Janette’s encouraging and professional approach made me feel relaxed, confident and inspired. After only a few sessions I had the confidence and motivation to get a promotion at work and create a successful side business. She helped me work through the barriers that were blocking me from achieving the goals that I wanted to reach in my life.

Alyssa Casey  ::  Dance Teacher, Choreographer & Dancer

My 8 year old son was diagnosed with depression and high anxiety due to bullying at school, he was suffering massively. He was experiencing multiple days a week in emotional darkness. Completely lost within himself he would sit and sob uncontrollably. As his mother I too was at the depths of despair. All I could do was hold him and tell him that he was loved and that he was safe. I was struggling to hold it together.

Then following the guidance of my beautiful friend, I contacted our angel…Janette. Janette has worked wonders not only for my son, but also myself and my family. My son is changing. Evolving. Growing. He is returning to the happy soul he once was. He smiles, he jokes around, he is finding his inner strength and confidence. He is enjoying life again. Gone are his dark days of despair.

Everyone who knows us, comments with happy surprise at the change in my son. Everyone notices. Not once has he had any traditional prescriptions, his change is due to kinesiology.

I honestly feel that Janette has been integral in saving my sons life. No words can truly express the love and gratitude that we have for her. Janette excels at her calling. She is our angel.

Denise Clarke  ::  Mother

Janette has helped me gain confidence I never knew I could gain. She has helped me heal from the inside after a traumatic loss I was suffering from.

We worked on my business goals and developing more loving relationships. After seeing her a few times via Skype, I never looked back.

My business has become extremely successful and my relationships have all tremendously improved with family, my partner & clients. To say the least – I am beyond Grateful, for the guidance she has shown me.

I feel totally empowered and free to be myself again.

Jessica Imeson  ::  CEO & Founder - Just move it fitness

I always took things to heart, over thought everything and had no confidence in myself. Just one session with Janette, and I started to feel more confident.

As we progressed in our sessions, I stopped over thinking and was at peace with situations that were out of my control. The stress that was so overwhelming at times no longer took over my life. I now am a much happier person, feel calm, passionate again, and know I can handle any situation – like a boss!
I highly recommend everyone to have a session with Janette and I guarantee you won’t look back!

GEMMA EYES  ::  Activation Executive

Awareness is key. Through kinesiology sessions I began to understand myself, my mind, emotions and the vibrations I receive and give off.

My world is chaotic, situations out of my control can be frustrating and people can be unforgiving, at night my mind would be actively thinking over and over. In the past I would describe myself as stressed out, a busy workaholic and unsure of my passion. It’s only when I spoke to Janette, she listened and without judgement, she guided me to become aware of the negativity I had naturally created and accepted as apart of my life.

This awareness changed my life dramatically and the way I choose to live now.

Michelle Lim  ::  Account Manager