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Be drawn to what you love poster



Be drawn to what you love poster serves as a reminder to continually clear the energetic blocks that are standing between you & your souls purpose. Print it & frame it up!

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Do you feel worthy enough to achieve your souls desires?


Is there be a part of you that curls up & wants to go to ‘sleep’ just thinking about achieving your souls desires.


The inner child could be why you don’t feel ‘worthy enough’. Why you have a protective wall up… sometimes its the inner child that sabotages us from moving forward & making rapid change.


What is the inner child? It’s an aspect of self… in all of us that represents the child that we once were. Its important to release stresses held within the child that once was… This may include, childhood traumas such as emotional, mental or physical abuse, bulling from siblings, feeling like you’re never enough or always wanting more.


Some of these can present in a kinesiology balance as self-sabotage or reactivity pattens of over reacting, for example –¬† crying instead of speaking up in conflicts or patterns of always choosing the same ‘type’ of partner.

Sympathy or Empathy – which is best?

Sympathy: When you get in there with the person who is experiencing the emotions & you start to experience them as well.

Empathy: When you stand next to the person & actively listen to their emotions, able to support & be compassionate towards them.

Speak your truth wallpaper



This is my fav! Speak your truth wallpaper serves as a gentle reminder to connect with your voice & speak with confidence. What do you need to say, that you’re not saying?

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Why you need to be grounded to manifest

If you find it challenging to live in the present & stay grounded… this audio is for you! I will give you tips on how to get grounded and¬†explain why you need to be grounded in order to manifest into the physical. Here it is… Audio coming soon >

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