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Self-loving Photo Shoot

Hey there gorgeous lady!

Do I have news for you!
I have wed two of my greatest passions.

Kinesiology meets photography. What a beautiful match. A divine coupling that creates space for you to feel completely comfortable in your own skin (yep, self-love in sheer abundance!) while being photographed by me, bathed in sunlight and surrounded by nature.

I take self-loving photo shoots of women who want to feel exceptionally beautiful, and so you should, because lovely, you are.

You glistening in your own unique way, telling a story that no words could possibly capture. It’s your way, your being, your truth that is expressed through these photographs.

Mother Nature and I have a pact you see.

We have teamed up to tap into what is blocking you from feeling like the goddess you are, releasing what no longer serves you, while creating the space for natural flow somewhere special and serene (maybe under a canopy of tall trees, by the lapping ocean, perched on a sun-kissed headland or the among the full bloom flowers of a garden).

And the best bit?

You will feel…

  • :: Free to be you
  • :: All nat-u-ral and stunning #nophotoshop
  • :: I will capture your natural movements

Comfortable, beautiful and free! That’s how I want you to feel. That’s what’s important to me.

“I had a kinesiology session with Janette only a few days before this photo was taken by Janette. I can only describe my experience as true bliss! I felt incredibly comfortable with her taking my photograph because my experience with her made me feel beautiful on the inside – she achieved her objective on all counts and I am and will always be eternally grateful.” Jenny-lyn: Designer & Stylist @jldorable


Want to feel dosed up on self-love and captured in the moment?

Let’s talk.

Pop me an email at [email protected] and we can arrange your self-loving photo shoot.