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12 parts of you, you need to know!


The Higher Self, The Emotional Being, The Spiritual Being… These are just some of the parts of ourselves that are great to understand more about.

Whilst I was thinking about what these things actually refer to, I came across some simple and interesting definitions in the front of my Rekindled Ancient Wisdom manual, and I thought I would share them with you!


Higher Self

This is that part of us that works for the highest good of the whole being.


Emotional Being

This is the emotional side of you that experiences all emotions including joy, fear, love.


Spiritual Being

This is the beliefs you have on life and the way you live your life. It is the way you project yourself to the world.


Mental Being

This is the analytical and logic side to us. It is our conscious through patterns.


Inner Child

This is the child like force in us that gives us our innocence, laughter and enjoyment.


Physical Body

This is our physical side. It is the palpable side of our Being.


Parent Gene

This is our genetic side that carries information via our RNA/DND from lineage of lifetimes and generations.



This is that part of us that holds our belief systems. These can be inherited or constructed beliefs.



This is that part of us that gives us our drive, motivation and need to be recognised.



This is that part of us that contains who we are. It is the essence of our being, and our contracts and destiny is held here.


God within

This is that God like force that is within us. It is our personal power source that helps us to respond to situations and not react.


Dimensional Realities

This is the part of you that can be in more than one place at any given point in time, energetically.



Hope you found it interesting too.




About the Author

Janette Harris is a certified Kinesiologist, mentor and the founder of the Sydney based Kinesiology clinic, Inspire Freedom. With over 10 years of experience and extensive qualifications across a range of Kinesiology modalities, Janette is passionate about helping her clients overcome their emotional, mental, physical, nutritional and energetic challenges.