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Inhale Exhale in a salt cave for instant relaxation



We recently just joined our local gym in Sorrento…

They have 2 saunas, 2 massage chairs & a Salt Cave. Pretty fantastic!

On our first day we did a workout, then went into the salt cave!






When we left the gym, we had both totally forgotten that we’d just done an intense 45 min workout!

We got home to find out some more information/research about the salt cave and found this…

“A 45 minute session is equal to 3 days by the sea”!.

How beautiful is thinking about spending 3 days by the sea.

Relaxing, calming, recharging.

We read on…

“The relaxation effect comes from the abundance of negative ions that attract and bind harmful positively charged radicals in your body”.


:: Calms the nervous system

:: Cancels out harmful electromagnetic vibrations

:: Salt has natural anti-inflammatory

:: Antibacterial

:: Effective in detoxifying the body

:: Strengthening the immune system


“The powerful negative ion environment can lift mood, strengthen the immune system and encourage a state of recovery and general wellness”.



Respiratory conditions that can be assisted include…

:: Sinus

:: Asthma

:: Bronchitis

:: Hay fever

:: Cold and flu (during early stages)

:: Breathlessness

:: Headaches

:: Ear infections


Skin Conditions

Exposing the skin to the dry salt can help with relieving a number of skin conditions.

Just some include…

:: Eczema

:: Dermatitis

:: Psoriasis

:: Dry, red, itchy skin

:: Acne



:: Calms the nervous system

:: Powerful effect on promoting a positive mood

:: Instantly relaxed and refreshed

:: Anxiety and stress melting away

:: The salt opens the airways which helps sleep



:: Faster recovery from intense exercise

:: Cleansing the respiratory system maximises oxygen uptake which fights exercise induced free radical damage promotes muscle recovery.

:: Importantly the improved function of the lungs increases oxygen uptake and can improve lung capacity.

:: Increases aerobic capacity!

:: The anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties of salt therapy also protect and strengthen the immune systems.

:: The negative ion environment has a relaxing effect on the nervous system which accelerates recovery and promotes a good night’s sleep.


Cystic Fibrosis

Although rigorous studies are lacking on salt rooms for Cystic Fibrosis doctors from around the world have reported…

:: Less shortness of breath

:: Less coughing and decreased sinus pressure in Cystic fibrosis patients who used halo (salt) therapy.


The above information on all the benefits I got from Sorrento Salt Cave website 🙂

Hope you get to experience a salt cave!

I have been going 3 times a week!!!

So relaxing.





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