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Interview with Sara Brooke

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Interview with Sara Brooke

I want Inspire Freedom to be apart of the powerful message that meditation can be a de-stressing and revitalising practice for all. I asked Sara to do this interview with me and she was so happy to be of service and share her insights and love. As a trusted and well known meditation teacher, reiki master, and intuitive healer, I just knew Sara was the best person for this interview on meditation.


How would you explain Meditation to someone you’ve just met?

Meditation is a practice of bringing your focus within to expand your awareness of yourself and life. It helps you to calm the mind, balance emotions, heal the body and connect to your soul’s truth.

It’s an amazing life tool for de-stressing,

Revitalising, balancing, focus, insight, intuition, clarity and trust.


What would you suggest to someone who wants to start?

Just Start! I believe that everyone can meditate; it is just a matter of finding the right technique and method that works for you. There are so many different styles out there, so experiment, play, practice. It’s a bit like physical exercise in that there is a hundred different ways you can move your body, there are a hundred different ways you can meditate!! Joining a weekly group can be beneficial when you first start out and/or working with a teacher that you resonate with. Otherwise there is also a million different meditation audio’s and books available online. Guided meditation is wonderful for beginners as….

….all you have to do is listen

I have created two meditation albums “Activate Your Inner Buddha” and “Activate Your Inner Healer” that are full of meditations that are wonderful for newbies (and established meditators) that can be used on a daily basis. You can purchase them directly from my website as physical CD’s or MP3 Digital Downloads. http://spaceinbetween.com.au/shop/


Is it true it’s best to not think of anything whilst meditating?


If I say to you, don’t think of an Elephant what is the first thing you think of? Going into meditation with the intention of “not thinking” is a recipe for disaster, it won’t happen. I have been meditating for 10 years now and there are still some days where my head will be full of thoughts. Meditation creates the space for you to become MORE than your thoughts, so while there might be chatter there, you also become aware of everything else that is going on.

Some of the most effective ways to meditate are concentration methods – mantra, guided meditation, visualisation where you focus your mind on a particular point. The mind always wants to be ‘doing’ something – so when you give it a point of focus as part of meditation, it allows all the general mind chatter to slow down, or at the very least become less hectic. So you can start to access stillness.

It also depends on your intention for meditation.

It may be for calming the mind – or perhaps it also may be for insight, or healing. In which case for those meditations your “mind” and thoughts will be active.


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How long is it best to meditate for?

There are no strict rules on how long. It will be different for everyone. If you are just starting out I do recommend starting with just 5 mins a day, then build your practice from there.

20 mins daily is ideal.

But why I recommend 5 mins to start is that EVERYONE can find 5 mins a day. Often the most difficult thing can be actually just sitting down and starting.

Once you are in that space you will find you want to stay there because it’s so lovely.


What can Meditation help me with?

EVERYTHING. Seriously.

There are so many different scientific studies out there now that have proved all the amazing benefits of meditation. It has a beneficial effect on your physical body, reducing stress and amplifying the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Since starting a meditation practice over 10 years ago I very rarely get sick. It is amazing for your mind and brain – you can expect clearer thinking, clarity, direction, boosted creativity and innovative ideas.

A regular practice is a gift of self-love

I have seen so many people blossom through meditation.


Where can we find you?


Facebook: thespaceinbetween

Instagram: saraspaceinbetween


Thank you so much Sara x