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What to Expect in your Kinesiology Balance?

Wondering What to Expect in your First Kinesiology Balance?

Are you a new client or referring a friend?

Here’s a short intro of what to expect in your first kinesiology balance

At the beginning of your kinesiology balance we’ll be talking through your history form, that I’ve sent you prior. Taking as much time and care as needed we will talk through all major health challenges, your family history, any life changing events, and why you’ve specifically booked your appointment today.


Using this information we will create a main focus or specific goal for the balance. This could be in the areas of work, finance, career, relationships, food, weight, family, anyone you’ve ever loved –  just a few examples for you. Really everyone is different and has experienced life uniquely so it’s for you to decide. An example of a goal could be “My financial flow is increasing every day” or “I am aligned with my soul’s purpose”


The remainder of the balance lasts about an hour and involves gentle muscle testing to identify current and past stresses relating to your goal. I will then clear these stresses with gentle non-invasive kinesiology techniques. Some of these techniques include tapping, emotional release, massage of meridian points, acupressure holding points, oils or essences, just to name a few.


The overall process is very gentle and supportive.


For more information on everything kinesiology check out my ultimate guide and FAQ


You can BOOK a kinesiology session Monday to Wednesday’s in my clinic in Crows Nest, Sydney Australia!

Please feel free to email and ask any questions you may have >

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