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How I surrendered to my gift (the short version)


1990 and free as can be – that’s my little bro on the left & me in the middle.


You’ve heard the stories of famous musicians, who have been musical from childhood, and developed a gift that seems to be second nature, as natural to them as walking –


Well… my story is similar.


Kinesiology has been a part of my life since I was a young child. Always being told that I was an intuitive soul, I could pin point the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual blocks in my body, even before my Kinesiologist did. (I’ve always been proud of that one!) I would even do Kinesiology sessions on my brothers, replicating what I saw in sessions, and putting my own creative spin on it.



 1994 this is me at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo with family and loving it!


I grew up with dreams of being a Kinesiologist


…but in my teens I started to feel that my Kinesiologist was seemingly so perfect and all-knowing, I never thought I was smart enough to reach that level, but then I met my partner Tate – and honestly this man is my gift – he believed in me and provided the support which helped me let go and take that all-important leap-of-faith, and surrender into my journey as a Kinesiologist



April 2010 – Tate surprised me with a Cruise in Darling Harbour for our first date. (Such a Romantic)


I studied Kinesiology, investing myself into it whole-heartedly, and by the end..


I had hundreds of hours of valuable clinic experience, life-long friends, and countless opportunities to teach, provide support for, and basically live and breathe Kinesiology 24/7. Studying kinesiology was life changing. My passion deepened. My heart grew. My mind expanded, and what evolved was a beautiful love for this very healing modality.

So… here I am!


FullSizeRender (1)

This is Tate & I today


Now I have a beautiful clinic where I am able to teach my clients to surrender to their gifts, because once they do, just like me, they’ll never look back

You can come over here to work with me >

P.S. Thanks Mum for finding these pictures and remembering all the dates!