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What is muscle testing?



Muscle testing is a simple, non-invasive assessment tool, used by Kinesiologists and other health practitioners. It helps determine how the body, mind, and spirit are being affected by stress.

When starting a Kinesiology balance, I will select a muscle and first ensure it is ‘clear’ on its own. It is important to use a muscle that will show us a clear answer when assessing the current stress.

Typically, the muscle being used for this first assessment of the current stress is the deltoid muscle, which is a triangular muscle located on the uppermost part of the arm/top of the shoulder. In this case, if you were my client, I would ask you to stick your arm out straight, to allow me to test your arm from this position.

As an example; Let’s imagine you come into my clinic, saying you have been bloated all day. We would talk through a series of questions, and test using the selected muscle. I would be asking your body questions like – “Is the bloating in relation to a stress/challenge in the stomach?” “Small intestine?” “Large intestine?”, etc, whilst locating the meridian masterpoints of these organs on the body.

I would also be testing the chosen muscle to see if there is an indicator change, which shows us that there is some type of stress and connection between the two. As the Kinesiologist, once I know the connection, I might start locating the acupressure points related to those organs, and while testing the muscle we set up earlier then run through more muscle tests to find out what emotions relate to the stress. I can then apply the Kinesiology technique your body requires to balance this stress we’ve found using the muscle testing.


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