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Do you feel mentally drained?

Are your worries on repeat and still going way after the thing that happened, that made you start over thinking in the first place?

Are you tried of listening to your egos banter & its over thinking nonsense? (I hear you sister!)

That chatter… The endless dialogue…

Is driven from a place of fear-based thinking and lack.

It can be relentless – unless we turn inwards and take action!

It can feel like the ‘monkey mind’ holds all control! I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t have to! (Yay, clappy hands!) This post is all about how to step back into your power.

Yes, it is challenging but completely doable, I promise you! Stay with me on this one…

You might very well be thinking,

‘I’m too busy! Or I can’t believe I’m here again’ (FYI – thats the ego talking)

I know how you feel. I’ve been in this place many times but have learnt through kinesiology that our experience of the over thinking ego… doesn’t have to be this way.

Firstly, you need to accept that your ego is apart of you.

Dare I say it… there’s no way to get rid of it, yes there’s no way.

It is apart of you as much so as your big toe and that’s ok. It signifies that you are wonderfully human my dear friend. What you can change though is your relationship with your ego.

Secondly, it’s important to identify the difference between the voice of your ego and that of your higher self or soul…

You have probably noticed that the words of your higher self or soul are laced with love and light and empathy, while the ego speaks in terms of lack and negativity (more like a bully really!)

I want you to change the channel – here’s why…

By ‘changing the channel’ or ‘flicking the switch’, terms I’m sure you have heard before, you can essentially recognise the ego at play and choose not to listen. Crank up the channel of positivity and self-loving complements and shut that bully ego down!

Thanks but no thanks – is what I like to say to the ego’s comments! Thanks but no thanks.

Your Higher Self or soul on the other hand does have the answers. Phew.


Your Higher Self or soul is the higher, wiser part of you that is always there to guide you with love and make gentle suggestions to support you on your authentic path. It brings you back into your heart space when you listen.

Do you know the difference now?

Your inner voice is the quiet, guiding expression of your Higher Self, and is found in your heart. To connect with its wisdom, you simply need to focus on your heart and listen.

Tune out external noises (and the ego nagging at you).

In ‘Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose’ (a must read!), by Sonia Choquette shares that your Higher Self or soul will:


#Affirm your spirit

#Leave you feeling confident

#Ease insecurities

#Encourage self-love, self-care and acceptance

#Embody honesty

#Inspire generosity and courage

#Elect compassion for those around you


Can you recognise your Higher Self or soul?

If the ego interferes and tries to capture your attention during this process, listen to what it is saying from a place of non- attachment.

Your ego will show you where you can grow and expand some more.

Thank your ego for showing you how to be a better version of you and return to your heart. Take a seat here and enjoy.

“Listen to you heart. It knows everything” – Paulo Coelho

What did your heart have to say?