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Gotta billion and one to-dos… here’s how I overcome the monster list


Gotta billion and one to-dos?

I know my energy is precious.

Its value cannot be quantified or measured.

Its worth – my worth – your worth ..is instrumental to our success

So when it comes to looking at my day ahead… it makes total sense to make choices with regard to how/where I want to devote my energy.

Elena Brown, teacher, speaker and author who has been teaching yoga and meditation since 1999, talks of a beautiful concept called the ‘Art of Attention’.
She says: “Attention is what allows us to see ourselves, and see within ourselves, in order to learn how we can elegantly approach anything, [and] everything. Our ability to see ourselves and how we behave is key to harmonising the dissonance between our inner conversation and our outer conversation.”

This is where kinesiology steps in!

Kinesiology strengthens this connection to your attention by helping you to tune into your Inner Guide, especially when your time is in demand. Hear that clock ticking away?

My time over these past few months, with the launch of my new website and several new (and exciting!) projects on the brew, has been especially treasured. To ensure that I am respecting and nurturing my energy each and every day, there are several ways I turn inwards to create the best kind of day.


ü  Humming with positivity, check!

ü  Focused and purpose-driven, yep yep!

ü  Present and in my circle of power, absolutely!


Want to know how I use my time to serve my energy?


It all starts with an intention.


Each day as I make my way to my workspace, I sit at my desk, close my eyes and take a few deep breaths.

I then ask myself: what are my top three priorities today?

What deserves my attention?

That’s when the guidance comes, once I ask the question. (Some days it is clearer than others)..

If I am thinking about a billion and one to-dos, I can guarantee the message won’t be so obvious. On these days when I can feel overwhelm creeping in, I will turn to my place of silence and stillness for the answer.

This means meditating sometimes for a good half-an-hour while other times, 5-10 minutes is all that is needed. Before long, my mind is quiet. The mental memos are sidelined to where they belong and it is in this space where I ask the question again: What deserves my attention today?


It is here where I truly connect to myself.


When I am calm and centred, the answers flow with sensational ease.

As my eyes crack open, returning to the world and my day..

I put pen to paper and write down my three top priorities.

I have direction and purpose, and dutifully go about completing them with my full and immersed presence.

Sometimes I finish my tasks and have time to spare so will turn to my Inner Guide again for further direction, or if it’s a busy day in the clinic, I make extra time for my lovely clients.


So lovely, what is your intention today?  What are you guided to begin?

Please join me in the comment box below x