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Manifest using my two trick method


So lets create your thought for today?

All creations begin from thought.

With the right intention you can create an amazing day that brings positive thoughts and beliefs, which you want to experience every day!

When your thoughts start matching your soul’s dreams… that’s when happy surprises start presenting. You’ll get what I mean soon enough!

Firstly, lets do a bit of investigating! I want you to focus on your heart and check in with yourself and see what you have already created today.

Maybe it’s been a positive day and everything flowed – You jumped out of bed when the alarm went off, enjoyed a yummy breakfast and had a dream run to work, or it has been super stressful – hit snooze on the alarm clock once too may times, burnt your arm while rushing to make breakfast, and missed the train.

All that you’ve experienced today has been due to the way you’ve used your mind.

‘Really Janette… this girl is out of her mind!’, I hear you say!!!

Nope, I’m well in check with myself and I truly actually believe and live every word of this. I can honestly say watching my thoughts make a huge difference in my life.

Whether you believe it yet or not, you have the inner strength to create what you desire. And I want to help you begin!

So lets start shaping your thoughts by asking… How you want to feel & what you want to experience?

In order to truly manifest all your heart desires – you must firstly turn off the ‘monkey mind chatter’. Which is that noise that creates annoying, frustrating, time consuming mistakes.

You need to change the channel!

Flick the switch to experience different outcomes.

Turn your egos comments of lack, logic and control to silent… and flow into a state of stillness and calmness.

Focus on what you want to achieve, lovely.

I hope your comfy reading this because I‘m sharing my 2 methods of meditation to ensure your physical world to matches your souls dream world.

First tool I use is to concentrate on one thing and one thing only for 15 mins 🙂

It’s good to start with an affirmation to be your mantra. Write the affirmation on paper and hold it in your hand while you repeat it in your mind.

Then if you wander off thinking of something else, the paper will remind you. Starting this way is perfect for now then when you’re ready you can just go a bit further and make the meditation as real as possible.

To Start – Be still… chill… breathe… focus on your heart

Have one thought and expand on how it would feel to achieve this intention/affirmation in your life. See yourself there in the moment when it all comes together.

Start with something easy like

‘My day is full of blissful happy surprises’

‘I move forward with desire’

‘I flow around obstacles with ease’

or one of my favourites… ‘I am truly deserving of all forms of abundance’

The more real it is for you in this 15 mins a day the more the world will start to bend and shape to your desire.

Second tool I use: This one is for fun, let’s go fishing!

To Start – Be still… chill… breathe… focus on your heart

Imagine you’re going fishing in the divine sea of possibility!

Visualise your consciousness as an energetic question mark, which then forms a fishing hook, and cast your line into the water. Now wait for a nibble. If you remain focused and patient this tool will draw your desired experiences to you!

Get excited about all the wonderful possibilities that are out in that divine sea and be excited when you ‘catch’ one.


I would love to hear how both these tools help you create more experiences that you love.