Empowering you to live inspired by freedom

Let me guide you through my steps to making your very own abundant business.


So lets talk about fearlessly manifesting your dream.

Have you been dreaming for some time of living an abundant, beautiful, expansive life supported by a business you love?

A life that serves you on all levels?

I don’t blame you. This has been a dream (and now a reality!) of mine for as long as I can remember.


If this is what you desire, then you shall have it.


You are worthy of it, and above all, it is your birthright to have what your spirit longs for.

And the clincher? It is already yours. It’s just a matter now of closing the gap between now and then, because dearest, it is on its way. I promise.

So how do we close this gap?

Firstly, embrace freedom. Freedom is about being true to yourself, following your passion and going after what lights you up!




For me, being true to myself and feeling freedom was to follow my passion and become a Kinesiologist. The biggest fear for me was leaving behind guaranteed cash flow each week, which made it all too enticing to stay in my comfort zone. This was a biggy! Once I tapped into this fear, gathered a gusto of courage and followed my intuition baby step by baby step, the manifestation of my own business was all but a given because my heart was focused on the feeling of freedom I wanted to create in my life by doing what I love.


Let me guide you through these steps to making

your own abundant business.


Be courageous

It takes a whole lot of courage to trust in yourself. The message may have been ringing loud and true longer than you can remember, but taking the leap of faith – the jump into your dreams and away from what is known and comfortable – is laden with fear. There is a hefty dose too!

But ask yourself this – if you do not trust in yourself and honour the call, how will you feel? I’m guessing words like regret, unauthentic, small, closed, lost and restricted will come to mind.

But say if you do dutifully follow the signs and fearlessly do what you have to do to make it happen, how would you feel then? Powerful, on purpose, meaningful, true, open, free? I imagine these will be just some of the words in your vocabulary.

Courage involves a lot of your energy. Energy directed to your intention. That’s not to say that fear won’t join you along the journey from time to time – it most certainly will! – but that ‘knowing’ within you that you are doing what you are meant to do will spur you on in the direction you choose.

This is your LIFE. You are the creator.

You are the maker of your dreams.

Why not live the dream?



Follow your intuition

Your intuition is the voice of your heart. Those soft, sweet murmurings you hear in moments of slowness and silence. Yep, that’s your intuition.

There is a distinct difference between the voice of your heart and the voice of your head, and if you are not aware of this difference, you may find yourself caught up in the lingo of your mind.

The head’s language is harsh and strong, and will often bellow orders your way.

Your heart will speak to you endearingly. She will soothe you, lift you and encourage you to go to great heights. She will remind you, you have the power within you – at ALL times.

Another way to distinguish the difference is to listen to your body.

Your intuition will tell you if something is not aligned. Perhaps overwhelm sets in, your temples slightly ache, your shoulders stiffen. If you feel great space in your heart, a flutter of excitement, a contagious smile, or even tears of gratitude on your face, you’re onto a winner.

If in doubt, ask the question and wait for spirit to guide you. It may not be straight away, but in time, the answer will find you. I assure you.




You have conjured up the courage and have been engaging in a secret dialogue with your intuition for some time.

Now it’s time to manifest, big time!

This dream that sits within the walls of your sacred heart is busting to break loose and run wild and free in the life you have created.

The trick to manifesting is not focusing on the steps that will make this happen. The magic lies in how you want to feel. Yep, the dream exists in how you desire to feel in this remarkable life and business of yours.

Imagine this dream life and business. Imagine who you will be working with, the space where you will curate, the abundance you will bring in. With each thought, declare how you want to feel and write it down. Maybe you have 5 or 6 key ‘ways of being’ you wish to embody in this dream.

Now, get to visualising. Play on pinterest, flick through your fave magazines, peruse your most adored online spaces and collect images, which encompass these core feelings. Make yourself a visualisation board with these words and images and hang it somewhere front and centre where you will see it regularly through your day, reminding you to ground into what is already yours.

It’s on its way.