Empowering you to live inspired by freedom

Listen to the whispers of your soul


So there I was judging myself…

Thinking, “what was it that I achieved last year?” In my heart I knew I achieved a lot – and so I sat, a blank piece of paper in front of me, and I wrote…I wrote to hear the voice of my soul, because when you don’t know and you surrender to not knowing, you are able to hear what really needs to be heard.


And this is what I heard…

You did it – you’ve released what was holding you back, keeping you small and unable to expand…


And despite the temptation and safety of staying small, you chose to listen to your intuition and be free.


As such, you have created a life exactly as you desire; beautiful clinic, abundant client base, and an openness with the ‘Universal Connection’


Upon reflecting on my souls words, I felt free and empowered. There was absolutely no judgement in the words that spilled from my soul. It was pure observation and it flowed. I was able to bring light to the past year, and see it for what it was, for the lessons, for the experiences.


And I smiled.
I shed tears.
I felt gratitude move through me.


And more than anything I felt inspired – I thought to myself “it’s time to move forward and experience even more!”


So…what did I take away from this experience with the blank piece of paper?


I learnt that when I tune in and listen to the whispers of my soul.

I know that I am on the right path.