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My best mate, kinesiology: A client’s perspective

A client’s perspective

When I was living in London and travelling around Europe, feeling lost about my next career steps, I called on Janette.


When I was home and feeling ungrounded and concerned about money, stability and making amends with the old, I called on Janette.


When I was achieving my dreams, one after the other, and came up against the new fear of actually living my best life and my best self, I called on Janette.


Janette is one of those special kind of people who sees beyond the naked eye. Each time I’ve reached out to Janette to arrange our next kinesiology appointment, she has tuned into my energy even before we have met for our session.


She is an intuitive maven who senses and receives messages from the client she is working with and can feel where the blocks and the barriers are to enhancing their current experience of this wonderful life.


Well, that’s been my experience each time I’ve drawn on Janette’s expertise to clear the path going forward.


I consider myself an intuitive person, but like everyone, I’ve needed help to get to the next place.


As we talk and create an intention for our time together, no session is ever the same. This is what I love most about kinesiology. There’s no cookie-cutter scaffold or schedule to follow. It completely depends on your energy in that session and what your body is telling you, you need. Which for my benefit (and yours!), Janette can read and work with you to energetically move the block, belief or obstacle out of the way so you can move forward gracefully and with freedom.


In the days, and even weeks,

following my sessions with Janette,

I always feel lighter.


A sense of ease and a ‘knowing’ that I am supported envelopes me. I feel more connected to me and the big wide Universe. I feel refreshed, inspired and ready to do the ‘real work’ – the work that doesn’t talk in strategies, outcomes and results. The work that requires me to listen to hum of my heart and to take action on what it says, despite what my head may be telling me.


Kinesiology is one of the tools I have in my kit that I draw on regularly to get out of my own way and live the life that I deserve and desire.


It’s like a best mate who only has your most sincere wishes at heart, and will do anything to help guide you there. – Leah 🙂



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