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What is Kinesiology (the short version)?

‘Your conscious mind commands and your subconscious mind obeys’


Kinesiology is a unique and powerful, non-invasive complementary modality, that has helped many people relieve stress, founded by Eastern medicine and Western understanding of anatomy and physiology.


When you first arrive to your kinesiology session, we’ll go through a detailed client history form and talk about what is happening for you right now and what you’d like to change and achieve in your life. You will lay, fully clothed on a massage table and we’ll begin gently muscle testing, usually using your right arm.


What is muscle testing?


The art of muscle testing is used in kinesiology to help you find the cause of your current stress.


Muscle testing allows us to bypass the conscious mind, where we keep our hidden feelings, thoughts, emotions and memories from our awareness, and go straight into the depths of the… subconscious, referred to as… ‘the memory bank’ that’s storing everything you’ve ever experienced in your life to date.


Once we find the past event, trauma and you can gain conscious awareness of how it’s impacting you right now and causing the stress, then we’ll muscle test and find the specific kinesiology technique that supports the natural healing ability of the body. We have many techniques to choose from, just to name a few: could be visualisation, essences, change of attitude, acupuncture holding points, emotional release points, meridians, tapping and much more. These techniques can help clear, release and heal the way the past event has been stored in the mind and body.


As you can imagine having this tool opens the door to deep embedded patterns and old programs from your past… and my role in clinic is to basically ‘let the body do the talking‘ and facilitate the session for you.


You will leave feeling different, may be lighter, calmer, happier, clearer, more inspired!



You can BOOK a kinesiology session Monday to Wednesday’s in my clinic in Crows Nest, Sydney Australia!

Please feel free to email and ask any questions you may have – [email protected]