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Do you want your relationship to be different, but just have no idea where to start?


Are you frustrated with feelings of ‘doing it alone’?


If your inner light has been compromised in the name of love, this post is specifically dedicated to you.

I hear you lovely… I lost the essence of who I was too, in a previous relationship. I forgot what it was which made me unique, extraordinary, powerful.

I essentially forgot that I was once whole and content without a partner by my side.

What made me and what made them was a fuzzy blur… and my equilibrium was completely thrown out the door!

My intention behind sharing this personal story with you today is purely with hope that it helps you within your current relationship, or even as a newly single lady.


So…Yep. that was me. lost in a relationship.


A relationship by definition is the ‘state of being connected’, but when that connection becomes imbalanced to the point that you are not sure who you are anymore, it’s time to park your emotional attachment and have a real and honest look at what has played out over time.

It will involve some uncomfortable introspection, yes, but it’s all a part of the healing and growing process …and for support and building awareness, Kinesiology was my ‘life saver’  during and after this relationship!

I speak from a very different place now (however Kinesiology is still my lifesaver). I come from a place of confident and loving independence while being in a deeply fulfilling and supportive relationship with my partner.

This is why I have such a passion for guiding many of my beautiful clients who say the same resounding statement during our sessions together… I am lost.



If this is resonating with you, let me ask you this..

Have you been in relationship but never felt more alone?

Have you forgotten what it is that you are passionate about?

Do you want your relationship to be different, but just have no idea where to start?

There is no shame in admitting to the above. We have all been here at some point in our lives, and what I have recognised through my Kinesiology and coaching sessions is that there is a pattern.


It can look something like this:

:: The relationship has for whatever reason(s) become imbalanced over time. You are frustrated with feelings of ‘doing it alone’ and there is growing resentment because you no longer feel special or loved.

:: Sometimes, the relationship ends, perhaps in sadness or in other circumstances, in the hope of a new and fresh beginning.

:: Then comes the jolt of awareness. You can’t remember when it happened but it did. You realise that somewhere along the way you stopped thinking about YOU.

:: What follows is the fundamental change. You own your role in the relationship and the decisions, which contributed to the loss of your essence and instead decide to embrace the new beginning. You vow that in the next relationship you will not lose yourself again.

:: The gears shift. You are found again. Life expands, your heart opens, your happiness peaks and the journey of self-discovery begins…


Sound familiar?

Do you see the pattern?

Imbalance leads to that rocky place of ‘lost’. With your awareness now in check, the first place to start is within you. The very important and highly precious you that the world wants to see in your radiant fullness!



That means cranking up the dial on your self-care and self-love practices. It means discovering and re-connecting with those people, places, and passions, that fill your cup up to its very brim with excitement and electrify you with happiness.

That flurry of joy in your belly? That is your soul speaking. The soft flutter in your heart and the tingle on your skin? Yep, your soul again.

Keep connecting with this feeling. Listen to it and let it guide you, whether you are in a relationship or not.

Carving out time for you is essential in every kind of relationship. It’s completely a-okay to look after yourself while being deeply in love with another human being. In fact, your partner will love and respect you more for prioritising you, I promise.

You don’t have to lose yourself to gain someone else’s love or approval ever again.

If this is speaking to you lovely, then come over and work with me.


I would love to hear from you now in the comments below. Have you been lost but now found?