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How does kinesiology work via Skype?



How does it work via Skype?

When I work with either a new or continuing client, there is an unspoken intention from both parties to release.

To release all that no longer serves and to move forward, gracefully.

Before we meet on Skype (and if I work with you regularly), I set a firm intention to transcend and dissolve energy that no longer needs to be apart of your journey.

Your intention is almost always to feel better than you currently do, which is excellent!

With a ‘little’ help from the angels and the mighty universe, you will be reaching-for-the-stars sooner than you may think.

The inner workings of the subconscious and powerful collaboration between you and I make for absolutely the sweetest connection. We will have an energetic kinship.

I put it all down to what Einstein and Quantum Physics found.

Einstein and Quantum Physics confirm that everything is energy. With everything being energy, we’re all connected in some way.

The way the world spins, the season’s change, and how ideas bounce around in your head and heart are further proof.

Everything on this planet has a unique energy vibration, including every one of us, which connects us all as one.

To paint you a picture, take a look at how your body responds to life energetically first. Our cells are reacting and responding to energy in every single moment. Information is received, processed and then is released. The same applies to your breathing. Each time you inhale, you invite new energy into the body and on the exhale, you release old energy. What comes in is not always published, though. We are each programmed emotionally with a survival mode, designed to keep us safe. It believes you may need to keep this new information for next time, and this starts the process of holding onto limiting beliefs, which keep you playing small.

I use my muscle on your behalf, to see where the stress is affecting your energetic body.

But… I have to be honest with you.

With gratitude, I do receive most of my guidance in a session before I’m muscle testing. I have this beautiful gift. Call it intuition. Call it Divine Guidance.

Whatever it is, I’m in love.

Its what I feel, and I trust the guidance wholeheartedly for my clients and myself.

It always allows me to work freely and to assist my clients with an open heart and mind – all of the time.


Hope that helps x