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How I use self-love to elevate my spirit.


Let your light shine, because you have a gift to give.

You really do.

It doesn’t take a bounty of time, a pocket full of cash or intense effort to give this gift because whether you are aware of it or not, you give this gift each and everyday from the moment your eyes crack open to the morning light.

This gift is your spirit – your shiny, love- filled inner light that is the truest and most authentic part of you.

Your spirit is your guide. Your friend. Your internal compass to what is true.

Now that you know that your spirit is here and ever-present, how can you connect with this divine part of you on a daily – or even better – on a moment to moment basis?


The secret lies in your self-love practice.


Self-love is your way of communicating with your spirit and strengthening this connection. Self-love enables your spirit to elevate to new heights so you can live larger and brighter, and open up to the world and all the possibilities that lie ahead (oh, and within!).

Because you know what? Your spirit has your back, every single step of the way. Trust in that.

My journey to a nourishing self-love practice involved four fundamental decisions which all started with a commitment to make my spirit shine.



I granted myself the permission to be my priority


Do you wrangle to and fro with putting yourself first? I most certainly did when I first started this practice. To begin, I had to firstly release the shame and guilt that accompanied putting me number one. My light was dimmed and I felt disempowered when it came to taking care of myself because of these tricky mind games. See what happens…

when you switch this way of thinking.

How do you feel – in your body – when you put yourself at the top of the list? Yes, that’s right. Above your most beloved. Above the growing workload. Above your commitments to others.

At the summit of your priorities you will find energy and blissful living. You will be amazed by how alive, free and connected you feel when you give yourself permission to be here. At the very apex of your own life. Because really, is there anywhere else to be?



I gave myself the space to breath


I looked at my schedule and carved out time where I could ‘switch off’. Initially, I found this hard to do. Then I realised I had to make the space for this to happen. It’s one thing to say you will centre, relax and nourish, and another to actually embody this intention.

When I focused on living from my heart space, my self-love-o-metre dialled right up! I directed my attention to doing what I love to do and sharpened my awareness to shine a spotlight on thinking that was sabotaging all the good in my life.

I would stop.. listen.. breathe.. and then let go..

This was radical to my self-love practice because at any point I felt disconnected, negative or anxious, I came back to the space in my heart and breathed.

Your breath is your life force. Sink deep into your inhale and exhale and create space for you.



I gave myself the love I desired


It really is true, the old adage that love lies within.

The most meaningful and lasting love is for you, so be kind and gentle to yourself. By loving yourself, you set the framework for how others will come to love and treat you. Like attracts like, love attracts love, fear attracts fear, and joy attracts more joy.

When I gave myself the love I desired.

I watched as my relationships transformed simultaneously around me.

The love I gave myself was reciprocated by the people in my life, and vice-versa.

Love is the only way.



I gave myself the awareness I needed


I have a few go-to remedies that I know will sharpen my awareness and ground me back into me. Whether that be practicing a mini balance on myself, sitting in meditation, pulling out an oracle card, or reading a book to get inspiration.

During my meditation, I always create an intention to receive the awareness I’m seeking to move forward. When you next take a seat in silence, begin by focusing on what you need in the moment, set the intention,

…and listen as your spirit guides you to what you need.

These four self-care practices have been key to my happiness.

I hope these lessons bring you flow, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Oh! …and most importantly, set you free.