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Kinesiology is a GAME-CHANGER


Why Kinesiology is a GAME-CHANGER.

Everything you have ever experienced in your life, whether it be positive or negative, is stored as a memory within your body.


Yes –that’s right.


Just like the most intelligent of computer drives!

Each moment in your life, and the feeling you have attached to that particular experience, is saved in different parts of your body. From the crown of your head to the very tips of your toes.

Kinesiology uses the art of muscle monitoring to help you find insight into your ‘internal’ patterns and programs, which are stowed away as a memory. This allows you to understand the emotions, which influence these behaviours and habits so you can learn more about what’s keeping you stuck and stagnant.

Let’s repeat that: Kinesiology gives you insight into your ‘internal’ patterns and programs so you can unlock what’s keeping you stuck. I know – amazing right!?

Kinesiology entrusts you with the sacred knowledge to listen and understand your body’s innate wisdom.

These bodies we were blessed with are our greatest platforms for learning, growing and evolving. They hold all the information we will ever need to move forward with confidence, freedom and love.

Kinesiology assists you to release overwhelming emotions of defeat, self-doubt, restlessness, worry and confusion (the list is endless), and discover what the next steps are to help you move forward towards the greatest version of yourself.


Progress all the way.


Kinesiology techniques help to balance, align and awaken your inner truth while releasing old encoded thoughts that no longer serve a purpose.

Feeling paralysed by fear, stuck in a spiral of old patterns, which limit growth, and block creativity and spontaneity? Feeling sensitive to other peoples’ energies?

Maybe your current state of being is best summed as draining, exhausting and confusing? Maybe you have no idea how to gain traction and meaningful purpose again?


Sounding all too familiar for your liking?


I know. It can be uncomfortable admitting that this is how you are feeling on the inside, even if you have done your very best to convince those you love otherwise.

Maybe you have walked this path before and you are well aware that the end result is burn out, scattered and unsustainable movement, and an overall feeling of loss and unworthiness.

With this awareness, we can use this knowledge and change the experience.


You are not destined to feel this way forever.


Kinesiology is the answer to awakening your inner truth.

The changes may take place one baby step at a time, if that’s what will best serve you. For others, it may involve taking that huge leap of faith, which has been niggling for your attention forever, or maybe, like me, it involves relinquishing your expectations and trusting with incredible conviction that you are loved and taken care of.

The Universe has got your back. We just need to clear and make way for you to receive all that is rightly yours.

No matter how your journey begins, I am here to guide and support you because I believe in you and what your body is saying.


Your path to self-discovery and healing starts here.


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