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The blissful moments of travelling


Moments of travel

The moment you step off a boat onto the sand of a new island you know nothing about, to find yourself completely in love.

The moment you walk into your hotel room, open the door to the balcony and the view is breath-taking!

The moment you look over at your love, lying on the beach and you know he’s thinking the same thing. I love you. I feel fantastic. This is amazing!

Moments like these are my heaven here on earth

Here’s one of my really memorable ones. This one will stay with me for a long time and will be far reaching in my life.

We went off on a new adventure this week and took the ferry over to one of the surrounding islands of Hong Kong, saw much beauty along the way (you can follow my trip over here), and so far my experience has been non-other than blissful awareness and a sublime experience of an unexpected energy shift.

Upon arrival there was just something straight away that resonated with me. Maybe the village, sunshine, the little restaurants, the people, tiny streets, the light energy…

After lunch I felt so comfortable, that for the first time on our trip, I went off adventuring on my own… my wander around, quickly became a very special one.

While I was lying on the beach, I suddenly felt a huge wave of energy come back into my body. Like it had travelled from my house in Sydney, Australia and in less than a second I was completely myself again. I felt so happy, excited and free to be free!

This moment was the thought of… I have arrived. I had left Australia and arrived in another country that I am staying in for a long period of time. Wow! You can imagine how exciting this was for me!

Looking back on it now, I realised that it took my ‘energy’ a few days to be present. I wasn’t with my ‘things’ and normal surroundings anymore. I was still living in all of the pre-excitement of going over seas that I hadn’t quite realised I had arrived!

I’m now a travelling kinesiologist – it was official for me!


Living the dream, of living in freedom.


We have done so many amazing things already in such a short time (follow my trip over here), and I am seeing clients via Skype this week! I am so happy to be connecting with those lovely people again.

We still have 9,331,200 seconds, 155,520 minutes, 2592 hours and 108 days (googled it!) to go on our journey of South East Asia, and I’m seriously so excited to see what’s ahead!

I have learnt so much about myself already and can not even imagine how much better it gets from here!


Do you have any travel moments you would like to share?

I’d love to hear them x