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2 lessons & A-HA moment on my trip



Ahhh… lessons and learnings… all from this chilli!

I’ve never loved chilli so much.

I was talking to my friend Clare on messenger, just leaving a reply message to keep in touch, connected and up-to-date with life.

So I left my reply message (really casual)… “hope you’re great lovely, it is pouring rain here and we are about to go on our moped into ancient town at Hoi An, to meet up with some people that we met here a couple of days ago. We had dinner at their home last night so we are heading in to see them again and pick up a cup of chilli that they make at home, to take home back to AUS with us…when ever that is!

Clare: (in a really chilled voice) Oh so nice hearing your voice love… (then in the best excitement voice) AHHHHH that sounds EPICCCCC!!! I want to be in Hoi An driving on a moped in the rain going to get chilli from new people that have come into my life in Vietnam!

BOOM! It hit me – just how awesome all of our experiences have actually been! I love this girl, talking to her through out my trip has been such a beautiful treat.

Lesson 1! Like a lot of things in life, some times you need a message relayed to you from the external to perceive how magnificent things really are!

I must say, the Vietnamese people continue to surprise me with their beautiful giving souls. For people who don’t seem to care for materialism, they certainly are happy to give everything! We have had many of these experiences just like the above. Being invited into peoples homes to eat dinner and drink rice wine with their family and friends (you meet the whole family!).

We feel so humbled by the reason that they ask us to come into their home… “you such happy people with beautiful soul” they want to get to know us, as we do them. So it’s a perfect match really.

The Vietnamese people we have met love Tate’s eagerness to learn their language and love my smile, giggles, and laughing at everything. They’re always talking with a BIG SMILE and a gentle touch on the arm, and also a rub on Tate’s ‘Buddha’ belly (they call it). Ha! So cute.

Lesson 2! It’s so great to gain awareness by immersing yourself in other cultures/environments, and then gently noticing differences or similarities between them and yourself

For example, by noticing a similarity between myself and the Vietnamese, I am reminded of what’s truly important in my life – Family, friends, laughter, and to be happy and full to the brim with JOY where ever I am.

A-HA MOMENT! – A message from my heart centre… in the shower… while taking a break from writing. LOL…

“This trip is connecting you back into your core beliefs that were created at a very early time in your life, and everything else is just simply fading away.”


Naturally, I rushed out of the shower to write that down!

I will expand on this in a Blog soon!