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Follow your heart, not the trends


Do you ever feel like you’re super on track but then…

You read or hear something that pretty much says you’re not at all?

Well that was me… and its super demotivating.

I used to pay way to much attention to what was on trend – fasting, lemon detox, drinking warm water with lemon then without and replacing it with salt… to flush you out! (weirdly tasting like a packet of 2 minute noodles. I know so yucky).

So anyway thats what I was doing – soon enough I found it changed far too quickly that I hadn’t even finished my first detox before a brighter and shinier one was out on the market.

After the hundredth ‘next big thing,’ which was going to change my life.

I said to myself: “I’m done. I’m doing my own thing from now on.”

Looking back, it was one of the most empowering decisions I ever made. I essentially gave myself the permission to be free.

I believe what counts most in this life is what makes your mind, tummy and soul feel loved and nurtured.

Each time you feel like you are playing copycat and following the next hailed fad, ask yourself:

Does this make me feel loved and nurtured?

If the answer is yes, take it one step further and ask yourself why?

Now at the ripe age of 30, I am acutely aware of the rituals and practices in my life, which nourish my being on a deep soul level.




I know this because I asked myself the very same questions and came to understand that these practices lift my energy and centre me back into my body:

+ I buy organic produce and grow my own herbs. It’s important to be proud of what you choose to eat and to establish what makes you feel good on the inside and out.

+ If I am happy celebrating, I will order that yummy treat I have been eyeing off and won’t play the guilt game

+ If I am feeling sad or emotional, I resist the temptation to suppress what I am feeling and allow myself to be present for myself

+ If I am feeling not quite like myself, I also try to avoid burying my emotions in my food. The last thing I want to do is attach negative emotions to some of my favourite treats

+ I also have a list beside my bed which shares my favourite self love and care rituals to get me feeling 100% again when the going gets tough (and it will from time to time, we are only only human!)

They include…

+ Reading a book with a cup of tea in bed

+ Taking a bath with lavender, organic rolled oats and magnesium salts (seriously creamy and relaxing!)

+ Doing my go-to yoga stretches

+ Going to an extra class of YIN yoga to nurture my body, mind + spirit

+ Taking a long barefoot beach walk

+ Going for a heavenly massage (Hawaiian massage!) so good…



I would love to hear from you now. After asking yourself these questions, what practices or rituals make your mind, tummy and soul feel loved and nurtured? Share them with me in the comment box below.