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How to deal… when a hefty dose of challenge comes your way.

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7 tips to remember on journeys of self-discovery

The inner work isn’t that easy. It comes with resistance, a hefty dose of challenge and opens us all up to a world of vulnerabilities.

If it were a breeze, we wouldn’t be here still trying, learning and evolving. And if you’re anything like me, you are a ravenously curious soul and would be on the seek for the next titillating experience. Ahh… it’s such a funny life isn’t it?

Discovering ourselves is a lifetime relationship that I hope you love and respect with each divine opportunity to grow. This commitment to you will fill your soul with happiness and purpose, and above all, freedom.

If you are on this journey too and can relate, there will no doubt be ‘emotional growing pains’ along the way, but don’t give up. Keep believing in you.


and when the ‘growing’ gets tough…



Step back, and change the focus

Get new perspective. Think of how long you’ve been doing it the ‘old way’ and then the ‘new way’, and in comparative reflection, you can’t expect to master this new level of personal growth instantly

Say thank you

Cherish your journey so far and keep creating more goals to reach. Say thank you to the people around you and count your blessings so far.

Accept vulnerability into your life

If you get knocked down, remember that vulnerability sets you free and lifts you back up again. Be with your loved ones and embrace and accept the love they offer to support you through this journey of self-discovery.

Everyone is different

Know that you are the only one who can do it the way you do, and when you try following others or start comparing yourself, it makes it harder stay brave in being purely you.

Be in your power

Stay strong in your power and create clear boundaries, then stick to them like glue. This one felt like it took me an absolute lifetime to learn. I used to find myself in a lot of situations that I wasn’t entirely happy with and I was there purely to please some body else. So just get clear on what you want to attach and experience and what you don’t want.

Be patient and trust the process

Take your time, follow nature’s lead – there is no rush to bloom and grow, it all happens in its own time and rhythm. I will always spend extra time outdoors when I feel challenged. And always keep in the back of your mind that I will arrive exactly when I’m meant to, so I stop pushing and remember that being on this journey is half the fun.


Celebrate the wins with your favourite things to do. Go for dinner, nature walks, drinks, family time, and buy gifts just for you. I love buying fresh flowers and pretty scented candles, just because they make me feel happy.