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I have seen the number 11 everywhere!


Seriously, I mean e v e r y w h e r e.


Just yesterday, I checked my emails and I had 11 new emails.

I looked at Facebook and I have 11 new notifications.

Today I checked my mail chimp sign-ups and I had 11 new subscribers.

A little later on I was in the back-end of my website and I noticed I have 11 pages on my website!

Here is my understanding of seeing recurring numbers…

It’s like a cosmic signal (which is always fun)!

The almighty Universe’s way of directing your attention to a pressing matter or theme that you may be missing, sending you a message to listen and start acting on something particular.

I also believe that seeing recurring numbers can only truly be determined by the person experiencing them through self-contemplation, some much loved soul-searching, diving deep within and being super honest with yourself.

This usually gets me by… but I have seen the number 11 so much of late that I really wanted to get some more information so… I naturally googled it!

What I found was that recurring number 11 is the master number! My interest piqued immediately so I read on…

“The master number 11 represents intuition and awareness, as well as wisdom you possess that’s not being properly tapped into…”

This revolved around the following themes:

:: New beginning
:: Vision
:: Purity
:: Realign
:: Reaffirm
:: Rebalance
:: Refine

Using this information, I started by turning inward with a meditation centred on the intention to have awareness around this message.

The answer?

I interpreted the message to be strongly connected to my new beginning with my workshops, which are designed to assist anyone wanting help to release there big bag of left over emotions and heavy experiences from there past. I’m talking about the ones that specifically have control over your action now in the present time.

Yeah those ones… so my workshop is all about living without the past and being totally free to be you.

What became very clear during my meditation was that I needed to make my vision much much larger than what I originally was thinking. Which is very exciting!

In doing this, the universe has already responded with a new partnership with Grace from the appreciation station! It’s going to be an outrageously uplifting workshop with us 2 gals leading the way!

What I learnt was to listen to the numbers and symbols and to tune within when the Universe is calling me to, because the answers are waiting to be revealed.

Does a number or number pattern show up for you consistently?

If so lets chat because I love it!