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Anchored back here in Sydney

Landed back in Sydney after the amazing ACEP conference in the US!

Straight back into my busy Sydney/Clinic life, starting with a 5 day intensive course created by Hugo Tobar, called Hormone Hologram 🙂

In this course I learnt how to balance energy imbalances of hormones… for thymus, thyroid, male & female reproductive, hormones during pregnancy, menopause, digestive system, long & short term stress!

These stressors have already shown up in clients energies and we’ve seen great results already

So very blessed to be always learning as I truely want to help my clients with the most up to date balancing methods… and this is the newest!


You can BOOK a kinesiology session Monday to Wednesday’s in my clinic in Crows Nest, Sydney Australia!

Please feel free to email and ask any questions you may have >

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