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Welcoming the New Chapter



One thing I know for sure about this big wonderful life is that change is the only constant.

In fact, everything is changing this very second as you read my words! And it’s absolutely and positively necessary for growth and progression.

Change breathes new life into life, and these days, I welcome it with an open heart and mind.

A new chapter is soon to begin in my world and I want you – to be the first to know about it.

As of October 20th – I am officially a traveling kinesiologist.

The beauty of technology hey… I frigging love it! Talk about freedom.

I am so excited to be writing these words, this dream of mine has lived on my vision board for a few years now and the time has finally arrived to create my words and visions into actions.


Where are we heading? 

First stop is the bustling and cultural centre of Hong Kong before setting off to Vietnam for full immersion (hello bliss!), then we’ll return to Hong Kong for a romantic Christmas together! Following the festive season, we’ll jet to North Thailand to chill and soak up the sun, and then check out Taiwan, planning to return mid-February. That is as far as we have planned! Tate and I are both ‘go with the flow’ type of people so we will be pretty much making up the rest moment by moment. Travel for the beautiful sake of travelling.

This is the first big trip I have ever done.

My vision board pictures are of isolated beaches, sacred temples, delicate foods, cities alive with people and colour), but total commitment to my studies as a kinesiologist and growing Inspire Freedom (my baby) for the past three years has taken priority. It’s been full steam ahead since I devoted to the expanding of my business and kinesiology experience, and it’s now time to spread my wings a little further.

Inspire Freedom is flourishing and I adore what I do and who I have grown into. Tate and I have accepted that there is never really a perfect time to pack up shop (pun intended!) and travel, so we’re just doing it! With my motivation and focus in tow, I know it’s going to be the trip of a lifetime and all will balance out perfectly!

Also, I recently had a ‘past life regression session’ and I need to pop into Cambodia to bury some crystals (to finalise that past life). Another sign of divine timing perhaps?

I am bursting with excitement to start this journey!


What this means for my lovely face-to-face clients?

Working with me will be a little different – obviously – but I can assure you with the same great changes you have been experiencing up until now face-to-face.

I will be giving you a BIG virtual hug instead! We’ll be doing your session via skype

I love seeing you and I love being with you. I have lots of Skype clients who have loved every moment of their sessions (myself included). I invite you to stay on this journey with me as your kinesiologist because I already adore working with you and I am committed to you (plus I would totally miss you!)


Thinking of seeing me in person before I jet?

If you were thinking of seeing me in person, but just haven’t got around to it yet, then now is the time lovely. I am in clinic full time in my Crows Nest Clinic – right up until Tate and I embark on our journey to South East Asia on October 20th!

How to make an appointment: You can EMAIL – [email protected]


What does this trip represent to me?  


Being a kinesiologist is amazing and travelling and working (doing what I love most!) will literally be living and breathing my dream life. I am so happy and proud of myself for making this decision. I feel an immense amount of confidence in my beautiful business and myself, and trust that travel will only help me to expand and flourish wherever I am in the world.


I would love to hear some of your travel stories! How has travelled supported you? Where did you go? What did you learn? Share your beautiful experiences on the comment box below.

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